We make our booking process simple, you can book online by
clicking the “Add to cart” button to book online, emailing us at
info@funtimepartyhire.com.au, giving us a call on 9833 4456, sending us a
Facebook message through our Facebook page or sending us an SMS message to 0488
842 897.

Rain is fine to proceed in, just remember safety when using
these, because it comes with a safety mat it’s fine to use under cover.

We can setup on any surface, it mostly has to be flat but can
have a slope to it. For any hard surfaces where we can’t peg the inflatable down,
we’ll need to use sandbags to secure it & or safety mats for soft landing.
These do cost additional.

Yes, our inflatables include setup costs & pack up. However,
a delivery fee will apply.

Yes, depending on your location and what you would be hiring
the delivery fee will vary.

All equipment is manufactured, operated, and maintained in
accordance with the Australian Standard which is the most comprehensive
standard in the world. Funtime Party Hire always operates within requirements
of this.

Yes, most items are insured, we have Public Liability
Insurance of up to $20,000,000. Contact us if you require a copy of our
certificate or have any questions.

Slopes can be OK but please check with us first as some
people can be overly cautious and rule out a perfectly acceptable site. Safety
will always be our highest priority. Send us a photo if you are in doubt.
Always happy to recommend the best for your party.

Yes, however you must get permission from council.

Yes, all equipment is cleaned & maintained.

Marquee we’ll assist the customer in setting up, please note
tables & chairs we do not setup or pack up and the customer must do this.

Yes, we provide everything you need for this machine, as
stated on the product description. Please note some items are not provided,
check the product description for full details.

Yes, we need to know of any underground utilities eg, water
pipes, electricity etc. You must tell a member of staff before the day of the
event we do not take responsibility for any damage to underground utilities, so
therefore need to be advised before delivery if there are any utilities that
are close to the ground. If so you will require sand bags if we cannot peg the
castle down.

power point per inflatable (240 volt) should ideally be available within 25
metres of the jumping castle. If it’s further than this, you can provide your
own extension cord & extend up to 50 meters to an absolute maximum. If you
need to exceed this, you must hire a generator for your jumping castle. Please
note that large inflatables may require 2 power points per inflatable.

Depends on the inflatable, Generally within 20-60 minutes if
there is easy access.

Depends on the inflatable, generally within 20-60 minutes if
there is easy access.

We require a minimum of 150cm (1.5m) from the back and sides
and 200cm (2m) from the front of most inflatables.

Once it’s setup it cannot be moved by anyone.